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Legend of Korra

this is probably my fave part of the trailer. I’m in love with the colors.












This, my friends, is an inception blunt. A blunt inside of a blunt. Suprisingly only took about 5 minutes to roll and over an hour to smoke.

inception blunt …….. genius haha


Give me oneeeeee!

Need this now.

oh fuck.


I dont even smoke and this intrigues me lol

i wanna try this today!!!!

I have enough for one, but if I cant find someone with enough to help me make this DOUBLE-DARE HEART ATTACK IN THE WORKS….. I’m GOING TO DO IT TONIGHT!

this is dope as fuck. lol from now on this is the only way i’ll be smoking!



The cries are abundant.



Happenings In Otakon: Part 2
  • 1#: Butt scratcherrrrrrr!
  • General crowd waiting for the panel to start: BUTTSCRATCHER!!!
  • General crowd waiting for the panel to start: *inward groans
  • #3: MARCO!
  • General crowd waiting for the panel to start: POLO!!!!
  • Me: penis.
  • Jackie: Penis
  • Chris: PENIS
  • Person in the back: PENIS!!!!!!!
  • Announcer: ALL OF YOUR MEMES ARE FAIL! D:<


Warning: Liked these questions a lot so expect word hiccups from excitement. Also shit audio. My b.

The questions going to be answered will be…

image howstrange-innocence replied to your post: Think of a good question, a question you think…

do you think knowledge of space can tie all of humanity together?

imageastrotastic replied to your post: Think of a good question, a question you think…

If there were a given meaning of life (from a hypothetical higher power), what would you want it to be, other than the whole “world peace” “golden rule” bit?

wonder why he doesnt talk in his new videos

**note: Not stalking but alot of your posts are in my 2011 tumblr link 

decepticonjusticedivision-deact said: If you could live in any era in human history, which era would it be?


If by “You” you mean me and everything I know now going to a certain point in time I’d wish to go to the Dark Ages in human history. I’d like to go here because I believe this is where humanity fucked up big time, it was the aggressive suppression of uncomfortable ideas within the growing scientific community which stumped what could have been a scientific society from growing. If I could live there now I’d start my own Anonymous-like group using whatever resources were around to do this at the time and let the group grow, we then start peaceful yet hurtful to authority acts that help dismantle church power by decreasing faith in it and exposing injustice within it. And then, I’d want to move the group into political arenas because at this point there’d be more men and women willing to think logically before a belief. And who knows, maybe have the scientific utopia in 2011 instead of what we have now.

kenobi-wan-obi 2011 version damn

I wonder how he’d answer this now ??


I just watched a kid break down in the bookstore because his books for the semester totaled $600 and that’s the american university system in a nutshell

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Anyone getting deja vu


2003: We’re about to go to war with Iraq and the main news story is Janet Jackson’s costume malfunction

2013: We’re about to go to war with Syria and the main news story is Miley Cyrus twerking

"Military Intervention In Syria", US Training "Rebels" Since 2011 And The Complete Grand Plan - The March 2012 Leak